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something blue. a styled bridal shoot. edmonton wedding photographer. by Cheryl Lukasewich

A gorgeous styled bridal session out at the Old Stone House just outside of Edmonton, Alberta!

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2015. That's a wrap. Edmonton Wedding Photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

2015 was a crazy year and not at all what I expected. I shot, I networked, I learned a lot. If I could give a budding photographer a few tidbits of advice it would be this: Keep shooting even when things look differently than you thought. Keep learning - nothing shoots you in the foot like thinking you know it all. Stop comparing yourself to others - to their bookings, their work, their "success". As long as you're open to growing for the rest of your life, the sky's the limit!! Branch out and shoot differently that you've ever shot - push yourself! Having a consistent style is important but don't let that stop you from learning new techniques in your craft. Network. Be kind. In this industry you will step into people's lives at the most significant times. Strive to know how much of a privilege that is. Thank you to each and every client. I love you guys. It is not lost on me how incredible it is that you trust me to step into the momentous occasions in your lives. So thanks for that trust. Thanks for investing not just in photographs but in me and this business that I love so, so much.

Thank you to the UNBELIEVABLE vendors I worked with this year. Not only have my eyes been opened to even MORE of the incredible talent this city has to offer but I've also made some incredible friends.

So here's a glimpse of just a few of my favorite images from 2015. I tried new things and pushed myself to grow. And here's to 2016: I hope this year brings new challenges, new growth, new friends, new skills, new clients and new community!

Engaged?  I'm booking now for 2016 and am friggin' excited about it.  Shoot me a message and let's chat about your wedding!

Aeris Photography. Edmonton Wedding Photography.


jessica and jerry. married. edmonton photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

These two. THESE TWO!!! I'm not sure I've ever photographed a couple that were so laid back yet so energetic and up for anything! It was chilly but Jessica and Jerry were so excited to have us start the day with photos in the gorgeous place that Jessica runs most mornings. What a gem hidden in our city!! She was also excited to do a few photos in the playground near her house where she "plays" (aka does pull-ups like a boss) after her workouts. This couple laughs LARGE and, from all the people there to support them on their wedding day, love even larger <3 Thank you, Jessica and Jerry, for inviting me into this incredible day in your lives. It was such an honor. You two are the reason I love my job so very much <3

Have a look at a few of my favorites from Jessica and Jerry's wedding day and, if you're looking for someone to capture YOUR love, shoot me an email via my contact form or at!

You can also check out more of my weddings here!

Edmonton Photography.  Aeris Photography.


nathanael and melissa. married. a devonian gardens wedding. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I've known Nathanael for just over 10 years - we met through my brother-in-law and became friends. In recent years, he's been the tech wizard who's helped with my websites, invested his time and energy solving some of my electronic woes while I stress-cry in a corner and is generally just a calming online presence when I have no idea what I'm doing in computer-land (who am I kidding...actually it's been ever since I met him ;) ). We hadn't seen each other in person in quite some time when I got a text telling me that Nathanael had met someone and had proposed!! Melissa lived out of town in Athabasca and it never quite worked for us to all get together prior to their wedding so I was really curious and excited to meet her on their wedding day. The woman is lovely. As soon as I met her it made sense why they had clicked and why Nathanael had chosen her to spend his life with. She is beautiful and radiant. Good snag, Sir! They got married at the Meadowlands Baptist Church in South Edmonton and then we headed out to the Devonian Gardens for a few hours a photos and had a great time.

Congrats, Nathanael and Melissa! I am honored to have been there at your wedding both as a friend as your photographer. I hope you treasure this day as the beginning of a lifetime together <3

Check out more of my wedding work here!  To schedule a session or chat about your wedding shoot me an email at or visit my contact form :)


things that rock my world. blush magazine. an alberta lifestyle and wedding magazine. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I recently messaged Najla, the owner and editor of Blush Magazine and asked if she'd allow me to photograph her for my "things that rock my world" blog series. She obliged and I was stoked!! What a cool opportunity to meet with another small business owner, entrepreneur and dreamer! Blush, local to Alberta, features gorgeous Real-Life weddings, styled inspirational bridals with stunning details, and highlights hundreds of the best wedding vendors Alberta has to offer (See that gorgeous magazine cover below?  It was shot by local photographer Jill Coursen!  The bouquet?  Tickled Floral!  The gown?  From Delica Bridal!  Local awesome hardworking lady folk!). During the shoot Najla shared a bit of her journey to get her vision for Blush Magazine off the ground and then, once it had come to fruition, how hard she worked (for YEARS!!) to get it into mainstream stores. Blush is now published bi-annually and is stocked in Chapters and Indigo stores throughout Alberta. Be sure to check out Blush magazine next time you're wandering the aisles of those stores as well as the creative content that fill its pages!

Props to Jack'd Up Beauty Boutique for Najla's beautiful hair and makeup!




Noticed that gorgeous backdrop behind Najla? It's from the genius mind of The Paper Wedding by Carmen (Yes, it's made completely of paper!). She does work for tons of weddings and events so be sure to check out her work, too!


Know what else rocks my world? Check it out:

YEG Wed/POP Jukebox (A wedding blogger AND a killer DJ?? What?!!)

Eliasz and Ella (Banging bracelets and more from right here in Edmonton)

Beautygram (Don't send flowers! Send a Beautygram!!)

Lottie Da Designs (No joke - the most stunning bridal jewelry you have EVER seen)

Dani Press (Greeting Cards for this decade. Dani is da bomb.)

And hey, I shoot weddings, too!  Check my work out here and shoot me an email if you're looking for someone to capture your love!

christine and jeff. in love. edmonton photographers. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I'm always itching to shoot more weddings as winter drags on here in Edmonton so I was so happy that Christine, an old friend from high school, and her husband Jeff said they'd get dressed up for me so I could photograph them. Christine's family owns and runs Still Meadows Ranch east of the city which gave me the awesome chance to photograph Christine with her horses. Plus, it was snowing buckets and FREEZING outside so the arena gave us a bit of respite when our bodies turned to ice. I also received a new light from my husband for Christmas (Promaster Vari-Temp Camera/Camcorder LED light) and have been dying to play around with it! Although I'm used to using flashes on and off-camera at my weddings, I definitely crave natural light and will always tend to use it if it's available. This shoot gave me the chance to force myself out of my comfort zone, depend only on artificial light indoors, and push me into new areas of learning and growth!

Kudos to Christine and Jeff for letting me play, freezing their butts off, and looking at me when I asked them to in spite of ice flying in their eyes <3

Check out more of my actual wedding work here and shoot me a message if you're looking for someone to capture YOUR wedding!

Cheryl.  Aeris Photography.  Edmonton Photographers. 2015-02-11_0001.jpg 2015-02-11_0002.jpg

2015-02-11_0004.jpg 2015-02-11_0005.jpg 2015-02-11_0006.jpg 2015-02-11_0007.jpg 2015-02-11_0008.jpg 2015-02-11_0009.jpg 2015-02-11_0010.jpg 2015-02-11_0011.jpg 2015-02-11_0012.jpg 2015-02-11_0013.jpg 2015-02-11_0014.jpg

my peeps. edmonton photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

The last two years I've pulled together a personal project: a shoot where I invite my beautiful friends, old and new, to get together to hang out, celebrate our friendship and for the making of my own memories. These women love me, encourage me, believe in me and invest in me in spite of my mistakes and shortcomings. They love me through it all and that's pretty ridiculously special. It's pretty tricky to organize a lot of women to get together all at once so there are definitely a few friends who are missing from these photos. To them and to the women below: Thanks. Your friendship fills my heart and feeds my soul. I love you.

Meet my peeps:

Katie. A friend for about 9 years whom I met through a church small group. She's a believer in quality time and sharing the real stuff of life.

Edmonton Photography


Linnette. I've known her for about 10 years through my church (she's my pastor's wife) and, slowly but surely, I've learned to open my heart to a space where I can be myself (vulnerable and a bit stubborn). Linnette loves pretty big and has nurtured our relationship through grace and immense kindness.


Cassidy. Cassidy's is Linnette's daughter so I've know her for about the same amount of time. She's grown into a beautiful, generous, kind and softspoken woman and is a delight to have in my life.


Cassie. Another friend through church whom I've gotten to know better over the last 3 or 4 years. Cassie is constant and consistent. She is soft, vulnerable, an encourager and a delight to know.


Christina. A local photographer whom I met while she was photographing a friend's gorgeous mountain wedding in BC last December. She's become a dear friend, a supportive work colleague and a recent workout buddy <3


Janelle. I've know Janelle since birth (or pretty close to it). We were both country kids (where a 15 minute drive to each other's house is considered "close"). Our parents hung out together so our friendship has had a lot of years to grow. This girl is made of the REAL good stuff :)




Kim. A great friend from church who I get a renewed, rich appreciation for everytime we hang out. She is strong, loyal and incredible.


Denise. She was a bit older than me growing up but we end up really connecting in the years post-graduation. I love this former-roomie's heart and contagious laugh. She's pretty great :)


Claire. This amazing woman introduced me to the love of my life, my husband, Noel. And then she proceeds to love me through the gritty stuff of life. I've probably cried with each of these friends but no doubt Claire has seen a majority of those tears (FYI crying is my go-to response for amazing, happy things, too. Any emotion I have comes out first and foremost through my eyeballs). Love. This. Lady.


Lee-Ann. I met Lee-Ann about 5 or 6 years ago when we both worked at a local daycare together. Work-friendship slowly seeped outside the daycare walls and I'm so glad it did!  Lee blessed me, too, by hiring me to photograph her wedding last year! Sweetest girl I know, no joke.


Alora. If you follow my Aeris work at all you've no doubt seen me brag about this girl on many occassions. We met 3 years ago through photography (check out her work here!) and although our work has kept us connected we've developed a friendship that has transcended into something pretty real and pretty awesome.


My girls, my peeps.


Shout out to Katie's husband, Dennis, for manning the tripod for these group shots!

I did a girlfriend shoot last year, too! You can check it out here if you're interested :)

christie and wes. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I am so pleased to have been able to be a part of Christie and Wes' wedding a few weeks ago. This beautiful couple met through Track (Christie is a competitive hurdler who's raced internationally and is working towards competing in the Olympics and Wes is a Track coach) and fell swiftly in love. Their wedding was incredible - so full of tenderness, laughs, fun and a few tears. Watching couples like Christie and Wes commit their lives to one another is such a profound thing to witness and one of so many reasons why I love my job. Congrats, guys!

Check out a few of my favorite shots from our day together and hey, since you're here, feel free to check out more of my work here :)2014-10-07_00012014-10-07_00022014-10-07_00032014-10-07_00042014-10-07_00052014-10-07_00062014-10-07_00072014-10-07_00082014-10-07_00092014-10-07_00102014-10-07_00112014-10-07_00122014-10-07_00132014-10-07_00142014-10-07_00152014-10-07_00162014-10-07_00172014-10-07_00182014-10-07_00192014-10-07_00202014-10-07_00212014-10-07_00222014-10-07_00232014-10-07_00242014-10-07_00252014-10-07_00262014-10-07_00272014-10-07_00282014-10-07_00292014-10-07_00302014-10-07_00312014-10-07_00322014-10-07_00332014-10-07_00342014-10-07_00352014-10-07_00362014-10-07_00372014-10-07_00382014-10-07_00392014-10-07_00402014-10-07_00412014-10-07_00422014-10-07_0043

lauren and alvin. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I once again had the privilege of photographing this beautiful couple in love (check out their engagement photos here). Lauren and Alvin's wedding day was incredible. A gorgeous dress, a surprise gift from Alvin to Lauren (note the sleep mask that came along with the music box...apparently Lauren naps A LOT), an incredible bridal party and an AMAZING Lion Dance at the reception - It was amazing. Have a look at a few of my favorite shots from our time together. If you're looking for someone to photograph YOUR love you can check out more of my work here and shoot me an email so we can chat!

2014-08-24_0001.jpg 2014-08-24_0002.jpg 2014-08-24_0003.jpg 2014-08-24_0004.jpg 2014-08-24_0005.jpg 2014-08-24_0006.jpg 2014-08-24_0007.jpg 2014-08-24_0008.jpg 2014-08-24_0009.jpg 2014-08-24_0010.jpg 2014-08-24_0011.jpg 2014-08-24_0012.jpg 2014-08-24_0013.jpg 2014-08-24_0014.jpg 2014-08-24_0015.jpg 2014-08-24_0016.jpg 2014-08-24_0017.jpg 2014-08-24_0018.jpg 2014-08-24_0019.jpg 2014-08-24_0020.jpg 2014-08-24_0021.jpg 2014-08-24_0022.jpg 2014-08-24_0023.jpg 2014-08-24_0024.jpg 2014-08-24_0025.jpg 2014-08-24_0026.jpg 2014-08-24_0027.jpg 2014-08-24_0028.jpg 2014-08-24_0029.jpg 2014-08-24_0030.jpg 2014-08-24_0031.jpg 2014-08-24_0032.jpg 2014-08-24_0033.jpg 2014-08-24_0034.jpg 2014-08-24_0035.jpg 2014-08-24_0036.jpg 2014-08-24_0037.jpg 2014-08-24_0038.jpg 2014-08-24_0039.jpg 2014-08-24_0040.jpg 2014-08-24_0041.jpg

erin and martijn. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I am IN LOVE with this wedding!!  Erin and Martijn are the cutest, sweetest, most easy-going and quick-to-laugh couple that I've photographed.  A few things stood out to me at their wedding: 1. Erin's love for her Dad.  They literally RAN towards each other when they had a father/daughter "first look".

2. Erin and her Dad laughing.  After their tearful first look that included tight hugs, the little hook at the top of Erin's dress broke. And they laughed.  Love it.

3. The laughter that occurred when a dragonfly landed right on Erin's head at the beginning of the ceremony (check out the Officiant - her response was awesome).

4. The dutch-i-ness of this Dutch couple.  Klompen, anyone?

Check out a few of my favorite shots from this incredible day. If you're interested you can check out more of my work here and shoot me an email if you're looking for someone to capture YOUR love!

Makeup by Mookie Salinas Makeup Artist.

Reception linens and setup by Accentuate Weddings and Design.

2014-08-14_0001.jpg 2014-08-14_0002.jpg 2014-08-14_0003.jpg 2014-08-14_0004.jpg 2014-08-14_0005.jpg 2014-08-14_0006.jpg 2014-08-14_0007.jpg 2014-08-14_0008.jpg 2014-08-14_0009.jpg 2014-08-14_0010.jpg 2014-08-14_0011.jpg 2014-08-14_0012.jpg 2014-08-14_0013.jpg 2014-08-14_0014.jpg 2014-08-14_0015.jpg 2014-08-14_0016.jpg 2014-08-14_0017.jpg 2014-08-14_0018.jpg 2014-08-14_0019.jpg 2014-08-14_0020.jpg 2014-08-14_0021.jpg 2014-08-14_0022.jpg 2014-08-14_0023.jpg 2014-08-14_0024.jpg 2014-08-14_0025.jpg 2014-08-14_0026.jpg 2014-08-14_0027.jpg 2014-08-14_0028.jpg 2014-08-14_0029.jpg 2014-08-14_0030.jpg 2014-08-14_0031.jpg 2014-08-14_0032.jpg 2014-08-14_0033.jpg 2014-08-14_0034.jpg 2014-08-14_0035.jpg 2014-08-14_0036.jpg 2014-08-14_0037.jpg 2014-08-14_0038.jpg 2014-08-14_0039.jpg 2014-08-14_0040.jpg 2014-08-14_0041.jpg 2014-08-14_0042.jpg 2014-08-14_0043.jpg 2014-08-14_0044.jpg 2014-08-14_0045.jpg 2014-08-14_0046.jpg 2014-08-14_0047.jpg 2014-08-14_0048.jpg 2014-08-14_0049.jpg 2014-08-14_0050.jpg 2014-08-14_0051.jpg

lisa and john. engaged. edmonton engagement photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

Lisa and John are in love and it's pretty ridiculously awesome to see. I met this couple this past winter during their wedding consult and immediately knew I wanted to photograph them so I was thrilled to shoot their engagement session a few weeks ago and can't wait for their wedding this fall! Have a look at a few of my favorites from our recent time together :) You can check out more of my engagements here and my weddings here. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're looking for someone to capture YOUR love!2014-05-01_00022014-05-01_00032014-05-01_00042014-05-01_00052014-05-01_00062014-05-01_00072014-05-01_00082014-05-01_00092014-05-01_00102014-05-01_00112014-05-01_00122014-05-01_00132014-05-01_00142014-05-01_00152014-05-01_00162014-05-01_00172014-05-01_00182014-05-01_00192014-05-01_00202014-05-01_00212014-05-01_00222014-05-01_0023

things that rock my world. lottie-da designs...and a killer giveaway. by Cheryl Lukasewich

Being a small business owner myself, I've become a pretty big fan of promoting small businesses, specifically the business owners themselves - people whom I've met, whose work ethic I've seen, whose character speaks just as loud as their product. Enter Jaymie from LottieDa Designs. Okay, okay, I have a side motivation for being stoked about this small business - Jaymie is my sister in law. Not only have I fallen in love with my new sister (HUGS!!) but I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I first learned that Jaymie made bridal jewelry. Jaymie started LottieDa after she couldn't find anything for her own wedding that fit the style and quality that she was looking for in bridal accessories. I've looked around in my own fair share of bridal shops in the last 10 years and I have yet to see ANYTHING that matches the quality and all-around gorgeousness that LottieDa offers.

I've been singing Jaymie's praises for a while now and have been thinking that I wanted to do something to help more of the world know of her awesomeness. Hence, this blog post about another thing that rocks my world :) PLUS.....Jaymie gave me a pair of earrings to GIVE AWAY!!! In order to enter to win these earrings you need to comment on this blog post! That's it!! I'll be randomly selecting the winner from everyone who comments in early March so go ahead, share and comment!

These are the earrings up for grabs:


Check this out, too: All of my 2014 brides will be recieving a coupon code for a discount on anything in the LottieDa Designs Etsy shop! I happen to have a fair bit of availability left for 2014, too, so shoot me an email if you're looking for your own wedding photographer and think we might be a good fit. You can check out more of my wedding work here :)

Have a look at a few more selections of Jaymie's work below and then check out her entire shop here!

Gorgeous Drop Earrings:

2014-01-29_0009.jpg 2014-01-29_0010.jpg

Stunning hair combs and pins:

2014-01-29_0011.jpg One of a kind hairpieces:

2014-01-29_0012.jpg 2014-01-29_0013.jpg

Beautiful and unique necklaces:


swept. an edmonton bridal experience. by Cheryl Lukasewich

Ok folks, listen up! If you follow Aeris Photography on facebook you may have seen a few posts I've recently shared about something incredible: SWEPT. SWEPT is a brand new, innovative, inspiring bridal show experience that you WANT TO ATTEND!! :) 2013-12-18_0001.jpg

*photo courtesy of Erin Walker Photography

Have you ever attended a bridal show before? You know the kind where you show up to an agricom, pay your fee and make your way through a crazy herd of people strolling by hundreds of booths and filling your plastic bag with pamphlets, free pens and magnets, entering draw after draw in hopes that you might win anything from anyone. Yah, those ones. Nothing wrong with shows like this but have you ever walked away more uncertain than when you walked in? Erin Walker, my pal, photografriend and the creator of SWEPT can relate. Read this excerpt about where Erin got the idea for SWEPT:

"[SWEPT] started out as a tiny idea, way back when i first attended a bridal show with a friend a few years ago. i expected the event to be like a wedding….i thought it would be beautiful, i thought i would leave inspired and pampered and instead i was left wanting more. the bridal show was just another trade show. there was no special atmosphere, and it felt like everyone was just trying to hand me pamphlets and sell me things. no matter where i looked in edmonton, there was no experience like the one i was hoping for at a bridal show.

fast forward a couple years and i was working in the wedding industry myself. i’ve learned more about the wedding industry from being a part of it than i ever would have seen at a bridal show! i’ve realized that some of the best and most creative moments i’ve had in my photography career have been collaborating with other creatives. the florists, planners, and designers we have in this city are unbelievable! working with other artists is inspiring, and it pushes me further in my own creativity.

realizing that creativity fuels creativity brought me full circle back to my experience at the bridal show with my friend years ago. what if we could create an experience where wedding vendors could collaborate and be creative, and brides could experience an over-the-top gorgeous event that would inspire them in planning their own wedding. this is where the idea for swept was born."

So here's what SWEPT looks like:

Enter a gorgeous venue (Edmonton's Royal Glenora Club) and get swept into an experience:

2013-12-18_0002.jpg *photo courtesy of Erin Walker Photography

The Beauty Room - Be inspired by all things beautiful. Have a look at gorgeous gowns, get your groom measured for the perfect suit, have a look at some gorgeous hair and makeup looks for the year and get pampered by some of Edmonton's finest beauty professionals. Ask questions and receive answers from some top names in Edmonton's wedding industry.

The Inspiration Room - Get swept away by details! Floral arrangements, perfect tablescapes, gorgeous stationary...browse and breathe deep while sipping champagne and dreaming of your special day!

2013-12-18_0003.jpg *photo courtesy of Erin Walker Photography

The Sweet Room - A room every bit as scrumptious as it sounds. Come taste, dream and chat with cake designers.

The Groom Room - A room for the fellas. Get your man inspired in his own right by learning about signature cigars, the perfect beer to suit his taste and more!

It gets better! Have a look a some of the AMAZING vendors participating in SWEPT:

and so much more!!

So I can tell you want to come, yes?? Yes. SWEPT is taking place on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Tickets are pre-purchase only so get them now right here while you're already dreaming about it! Enter the coupon code GORGEOUS and get $5 your ticket!  Even more awesomeness??!  I'm giving away two free tickets!  To enter to win visit my Aeris facebook page, share the SWEPT promo post and comment beneath it OR share this blog post on your facebook page and message me to tell me you did it!  Winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, January 13!


While you're dreaming of your wedding I have to of course give a shout out to Erin Walker Photography so check her out! Along with shooting my own weddings I've also had the pleasure of second shooting for Erin and you can have a look at some of my own shots from weddings I've shot with her here, here and here! Both Erin and I still have availability for 2014 so give her a shout here or contact me here if you're looking for a photographer to capture your fabulousness!

hotel macdonald weddings | michael and alicia got married. second shooting for picture that photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

A few months back I was privileged to shoot for Picture That Photography. Susan from Picture That actually taught a photography class that I took back when I was first starting my photography journey so I was elated when she asked if I'd second shoot for her <3 <3 Have a look at some of my favorite shots from Michael and Alicia's wedding! You can also check out more of my work here!

Shoot me an email if you're looking for your own wedding photographer by clicking here or by messaging me at :)

2013-10-25_0001.jpg 2013-10-25_0002.jpg 2013-10-25_0003.jpg

2013-10-25_0005.jpg 2013-10-25_0006.jpg 2013-10-25_0007.jpg 2013-10-25_0008.jpg 2013-10-25_0009.jpg 2013-10-25_0010.jpg 2013-10-25_0011.jpg 2013-10-25_0012.jpg 2013-10-25_0013.jpg 2013-10-25_0014.jpg

2013-10-25_0016.jpg 2013-10-25_0017.jpg 2013-10-25_0018.jpg 2013-10-25_0019.jpg 2013-10-25_0020.jpg 2013-10-25_0021.jpg 2013-10-25_0022.jpg 2013-10-25_0023.jpg 2013-10-25_0024.jpg

2013-10-25_0026.jpg 2013-10-25_0027.jpg 2013-10-25_0028.jpg 2013-10-25_0029.jpg 2013-10-25_0030.jpg 2013-10-25_0031.jpg 2013-10-25_0032.jpg 2013-10-25_0033.jpg 2013-10-25_0034.jpg 2013-10-25_0035.jpg 2013-10-25_0036.jpg 2013-10-25_0037.jpg 2013-10-25_0038.jpg 2013-10-25_0039.jpg 2013-10-25_0040.jpg 2013-10-25_0041.jpg 2013-10-25_0042.jpg 2013-10-25_0043.jpg 2013-10-25_0044.jpg 2013-10-25_0045.jpg 2013-10-25_0046.jpg 2013-10-25_0047.jpg 2013-10-25_0048.jpg 2013-10-25_0049.jpg

cindy and graham. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had such a lovely time on Saturday photographing Cindy and Graham's wedding <3 The couple (and their bridal party and the majority of their guests) are not from Edmonton but decided to have their wedding here as an "equally inconvient" option for everyone attending (Graham's words lol) as they came from here and there and everywhere. Thanks to wedding planner, Christina, from Sweet Bliss Weddings they were able to pull off their own "destination" wedding. I'm so glad they did because then I got to be a part of it!! Have a look at some of my favorite shots from throughout the day.

Since you're here feel free to check out some of my other weddings here and then shoot me a message if you're looking for a photographer for your own wedding!

2013-07-09_0001.jpg 2013-07-09_0002.jpg 2013-07-09_0003.jpg 2013-07-09_0004.jpg 2013-07-09_0005.jpg 2013-07-09_0006.jpg 2013-07-09_0007.jpg 2013-07-09_0008.jpg 2013-07-09_0009.jpg 2013-07-09_0010.jpg 2013-07-09_0011.jpg 2013-07-09_0012.jpg 2013-07-09_0013.jpg 2013-07-09_0014.jpg 2013-07-09_0015.jpg 2013-07-09_0016.jpg 2013-07-09_0017.jpg 2013-07-09_0018.jpg 2013-07-09_0019.jpg 2013-07-09_0020.jpg 2013-07-09_0021.jpg 2013-07-09_0022.jpg 2013-07-09_0023.jpg 2013-07-09_0024.jpg 2013-07-09_0025.jpg 2013-07-09_0026.jpg 2013-07-09_0027.jpg 2013-07-09_0028.jpg 2013-07-09_0029.jpg 2013-07-09_0030.jpg 2013-07-09_0031.jpg 2013-07-09_0032.jpg

shannon and brian. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had the absolute to-die-for privilege of shooting Shannon and Brian's wedding this past Saturday. Shannon was stunning, the bridal party were relaxed, the weather was beautiful.... Couples like this remind me why I love my job <3 Have a look at some of my favorite shots from the day!

You can find more of my weddings here and contact me here if you're looking for your own wedding photographer!

2013-07-01_0001.jpg 2013-07-01_0002.jpg 2013-07-01_0003.jpg 2013-07-01_0004.jpg 2013-07-01_0005.jpg 2013-07-01_0006.jpg 2013-07-01_0007.jpg 2013-07-01_0008.jpg 2013-07-01_0009.jpg 2013-07-01_0010.jpg 2013-07-01_0011.jpg 2013-07-01_0012.jpg 2013-07-01_0013.jpg 2013-07-01_0014.jpg 2013-07-01_0015.jpg 2013-07-01_0016.jpg 2013-07-01_0017.jpg 2013-07-01_0018.jpg 2013-07-01_0019.jpg 2013-07-01_0020.jpg 2013-07-01_0021.jpg 2013-07-01_0022.jpg 2013-07-01_0023.jpg 2013-07-01_0024.jpg 2013-07-01_0025.jpg 2013-07-01_0026.jpg 2013-07-01_0027.jpg 2013-07-01_0028.jpg 2013-07-01_0029.jpg 2013-07-01_0030.jpg 2013-07-01_0031.jpg 2013-07-01_0032.jpg 2013-07-01_0033.jpg

jacqueline and keith. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had the great privilege of photographing Jacqueline and Keith's gorgeous wedding on Saturday! The dresses, the pink details, the gorgeous bouquet (one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, I think) and the STUNNING bride made for a great day and some lovely captures. Thanks, Jacqueline and Keith, for inviting me to be a part of your special day. I hope you and your friends and family enjoy checking out some of my favorite shots from the day <3 You can check out more of my wedding portfolio here! Drop me a message here if you're looking for a photographer for your own wedding!

2013-06-24_0001.jpg 2013-06-24_0002.jpg 2013-06-24_0003.jpg 2013-06-24_0004.jpg 2013-06-24_0005.jpg 2013-06-24_0006.jpg 2013-06-24_0007.jpg 2013-06-24_0008.jpg 2013-06-24_0009.jpg 2013-06-24_0010.jpg 2013-06-24_0011.jpg 2013-06-24_0012.jpg 2013-06-24_0013.jpg 2013-06-24_0014.jpg 2013-06-24_0015.jpg 2013-06-24_0016.jpg 2013-06-24_0017.jpg 2013-06-24_0018.jpg 2013-06-24_0019.jpg 2013-06-24_0020.jpg 2013-06-24_0021.jpg 2013-06-24_0022.jpg 2013-06-24_0023.jpg 2013-06-24_0024.jpg 2013-06-24_0025.jpg 2013-06-24_0026.jpg 2013-06-24_0027.jpg 2013-06-24_0028.jpg 2013-06-24_0029.jpg 2013-06-24_0030.jpg 2013-06-24_0031.jpg 2013-06-24_0032.jpg 2013-06-24_0033.jpg 2013-06-24_0034.jpg 2013-06-24_0035.jpg

tannis and zachary. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I'm not sure how to write how I feel about Zachary and Tannis' wedding this past weekend. I suppose I could say it was remarkable and touching but that wouldn't quite get it. Although I'm a sap I tend to not get too emotional when I'm working at a wedding so I was a bit surprised when I couldn't hold it together later in the day. The whole day was amazing - the rain held off, the bridal party had great personalities and kept their spirits up even though taking photos is surprisingly tiring but the kicker for me was at the end of the day. Zachary's words to Tannis were so honest and lovely. The first dance...ahhh, the first dance.... Tears came. And Zachary's dance with his Mom.... I hope the photos can convey even a drop of how beautiful this wedding truly was. Enjoy.

While you're here feel free to check out more of my wedding portfolio here and contact me if you're looking for a photographer for your special day :)

2013-06-18_0001.jpg 2013-06-18_0002.jpg 2013-06-18_0003.jpg 2013-06-18_0004.jpg 2013-06-18_0005.jpg 2013-06-18_0006.jpg 2013-06-18_0007.jpg 2013-06-18_0008.jpg 2013-06-18_0009.jpg 2013-06-18_0010.jpg 2013-06-18_0011.jpg 2013-06-18_0012.jpg 2013-06-18_0013.jpg 2013-06-18_0014.jpg 2013-06-18_0015.jpg 2013-06-18_0016.jpg 2013-06-18_0017.jpg 2013-06-18_0018.jpg 2013-06-18_0019.jpg 2013-06-18_0020.jpg 2013-06-18_0021.jpg 2013-06-18_0022.jpg 2013-06-18_0023.jpg 2013-06-18_0024.jpg 2013-06-18_0025.jpg 2013-06-18_0026.jpg 2013-06-18_0027.jpg 2013-06-18_0028.jpg 2013-06-18_0029.jpg 2013-06-18_0030.jpg 2013-06-18_0031.jpg 2013-06-18_0032.jpg 2013-06-18_0033.jpg 2013-06-18_0034.jpg 2013-06-18_0035.jpg 2013-06-18_0036.jpg 2013-06-18_0037.jpg 2013-06-18_0038.jpg 2013-06-18_0039.jpg 2013-06-18_0040.jpg 2013-06-18_0041.jpg 2013-06-18_0042.jpg 2013-06-18_0043.jpg 2013-06-18_0044.jpg 2013-06-18_0045.jpg 2013-06-18_0046.jpg 2013-06-18_0047.jpg 2013-06-18_0048.jpg 2013-06-18_0049.jpg

sarah and greg. married. edmonton wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had SUCH A BLAST photographing Sarah and Greg’s wedding on Saturday! A beautiful morning turned into one of the loudest, craziest storms I’ve heard in a long time EXACTLY during the ceremony. It was pretty epic having an insane crack of thunder at the exact moment that Greg was asked if he took Sarah to be his wife (poor, sweet flower girl was crying she was so scared). At least everyone was in good spirits and had a good laugh about the weather. The weather cleared up just in time for our formals and thank goodness it did. I’m so happy with the images I could capture for this special couple.

And thanks to Sarah and Greg for making my job so much fun!

2013-04-05_0293.jpg 2013-04-05_0294.jpg 2013-04-05_0295.jpg 2013-04-05_0296.jpg 2013-04-05_0297.jpg 2013-04-05_0298.jpg 2013-04-05_0299.jpg 2013-04-05_0300.jpg 2013-04-05_0301.jpg 2013-04-05_0302.jpg 2013-04-05_0303.jpg 2013-04-05_0304.jpg 2013-04-05_0305.jpg 2013-04-05_0306.jpg 2013-04-05_0307.jpg 2013-04-05_0308.jpg 2013-04-05_0309.jpg