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my peeps. edmonton photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

The last two years I've pulled together a personal project: a shoot where I invite my beautiful friends, old and new, to get together to hang out, celebrate our friendship and for the making of my own memories. These women love me, encourage me, believe in me and invest in me in spite of my mistakes and shortcomings. They love me through it all and that's pretty ridiculously special. It's pretty tricky to organize a lot of women to get together all at once so there are definitely a few friends who are missing from these photos. To them and to the women below: Thanks. Your friendship fills my heart and feeds my soul. I love you.

Meet my peeps:

Katie. A friend for about 9 years whom I met through a church small group. She's a believer in quality time and sharing the real stuff of life.

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Linnette. I've known her for about 10 years through my church (she's my pastor's wife) and, slowly but surely, I've learned to open my heart to a space where I can be myself (vulnerable and a bit stubborn). Linnette loves pretty big and has nurtured our relationship through grace and immense kindness.


Cassidy. Cassidy's is Linnette's daughter so I've know her for about the same amount of time. She's grown into a beautiful, generous, kind and softspoken woman and is a delight to have in my life.


Cassie. Another friend through church whom I've gotten to know better over the last 3 or 4 years. Cassie is constant and consistent. She is soft, vulnerable, an encourager and a delight to know.


Christina. A local photographer whom I met while she was photographing a friend's gorgeous mountain wedding in BC last December. She's become a dear friend, a supportive work colleague and a recent workout buddy <3


Janelle. I've know Janelle since birth (or pretty close to it). We were both country kids (where a 15 minute drive to each other's house is considered "close"). Our parents hung out together so our friendship has had a lot of years to grow. This girl is made of the REAL good stuff :)




Kim. A great friend from church who I get a renewed, rich appreciation for everytime we hang out. She is strong, loyal and incredible.


Denise. She was a bit older than me growing up but we end up really connecting in the years post-graduation. I love this former-roomie's heart and contagious laugh. She's pretty great :)


Claire. This amazing woman introduced me to the love of my life, my husband, Noel. And then she proceeds to love me through the gritty stuff of life. I've probably cried with each of these friends but no doubt Claire has seen a majority of those tears (FYI crying is my go-to response for amazing, happy things, too. Any emotion I have comes out first and foremost through my eyeballs). Love. This. Lady.


Lee-Ann. I met Lee-Ann about 5 or 6 years ago when we both worked at a local daycare together. Work-friendship slowly seeped outside the daycare walls and I'm so glad it did!  Lee blessed me, too, by hiring me to photograph her wedding last year! Sweetest girl I know, no joke.


Alora. If you follow my Aeris work at all you've no doubt seen me brag about this girl on many occassions. We met 3 years ago through photography (check out her work here!) and although our work has kept us connected we've developed a friendship that has transcended into something pretty real and pretty awesome.


My girls, my peeps.


Shout out to Katie's husband, Dennis, for manning the tripod for these group shots!

I did a girlfriend shoot last year, too! You can check it out here if you're interested :)