devonian gardens wedding/river cree wedding | lee-ann and mike. married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

What a privilege I have to photograph people in love and one of the most special days in their lives! I've known Lee-Ann and Mike for quite a few years now and was so honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. They are truly, no word of a lie, two of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, inside and out. If you know them then you are no doubt blessed. Lee-Ann and Mike are a fun and unique couple which is reflected pretty well in Lee's hot pink hair and the fact that they had a hawk fly in their rings (Nope, never seen that before)!

Check out some of my favorite shots from their wedding last Saturday!

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Shoot me an email, too, if you're interested in me shooting YOUR wedding! 2013-09-10_0001.jpg 2013-09-10_0002.jpg 2013-09-10_0003.jpg 2013-09-10_0004.jpg 2013-09-10_0005.jpg 2013-09-10_0006.jpg 2013-09-10_0007.jpg 2013-09-10_0008.jpg 2013-09-10_0009.jpg 2013-09-10_0010.jpg 2013-09-10_0011.jpg 2013-09-10_0012.jpg 2013-09-10_0013.jpg 2013-09-10_0014.jpg 2013-09-10_0015.jpg 2013-09-10_0016.jpg 2013-09-10_0017.jpg 2013-09-10_0018.jpg 2013-09-10_0019.jpg 2013-09-10_0020.jpg 2013-09-10_0021.jpg 2013-09-10_0022.jpg 2013-09-10_0023.jpg 2013-09-10_0024.jpg 2013-09-10_0025.jpg 2013-09-10_0026.jpg 2013-09-10_0027.jpg 2013-09-10_0028.jpg 2013-09-10_0029.jpg 2013-09-10_0030.jpg 2013-09-10_0031.jpg 2013-09-10_0032.jpg 2013-09-10_0033.jpg 2013-09-10_0034.jpg 2013-09-10_0035.jpg 2013-09-10_0036.jpg 2013-09-10_0037.jpg 2013-09-10_0038.jpg 2013-09-10_0039.jpg 2013-09-10_0040.jpg 2013-09-10_0041.jpg 2013-09-10_0042.jpg 2013-09-10_0043.jpg 2013-09-10_0044.jpg 2013-09-10_0045.jpg 2013-09-10_0046.jpg 2013-09-10_0047.jpg 2013-09-10_0048.jpg 2013-09-10_0049.jpg 2013-09-10_0050.jpg 2013-09-10_0051.jpg 2013-09-10_0052.jpg 2013-09-10_0053.jpg 2013-09-10_0054.jpg 2013-09-10_0055.jpg 2013-09-10_0056.jpg 2013-09-10_0057.jpg 2013-09-10_0058.jpg 2013-09-10_0059.jpg