about me

aeris /heiress/

.a woman who inherits or has a right of inheritance 

Hey, I'm Cheryl!  I fell in love with photography after purchasing my first "real" camera in 2006. I am convinced this gift was intentional and ordained and I have been teaching myself photography ever since.  

I am in love with love.  Weddings are my jam.  I aim to capture stunning portraits to pass on to your grandkid's grandkids and to shine a light on the incredible story of your love.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to photograph the love around me and plan on continuously learning how to do it better than I do now and the prospect of growth gets me excited!!

When I meet with couples I'm looking for a connection - a place where I can tell that they're as excited about me photographing their love as they are about love itself!  If you're looking to see if we're a perfect fit then send me an email and we can chat about your wedding!

I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but am relocating in July 2018 to Royal Leamington Spa, England for a few years so I unfortunately won't be taking on Edmonton weddings until I return!  So here's to photographing love all over the world!  Maybe this will entice you to elope at Stonehenge.... :)

aeris couples...

are in love with love, are friendly and love to laugh, would choose a moment over perfection, don't mind if I cry with you on your wedding day and desire to have the memories of their day captured beautifully.

Think we're a good match?

Photo credit: Starseed Photography

Photo credit: Starseed Photography