things that rock my world. aeris albums. the most gorgeous display option in the world :) / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I FINALLY had the chance to design and purchase a new sample album and I am BLOWN AWAY! Professional-grade albums are ridiculously beautiful. They're definitely pricier then something you can make on your own but ohhh, if you could just see it, you'd see why!!

This specific album is a 12x12 leather beauty with 25 pages.  Look at this gorgeous leather bound presentation box it came in!! 2013-09-13_0001.jpg 2013-09-13_0002.jpg

It comes with a care-instruction card. 2013-09-13_0003.jpg

I had chosen a while back to switch album companies due to some binding issues that I was unhappy with. Issue 100% resolved with this new company! Albums come with a blank black "buffer" page which prevents creasing due to no images being glued directly to the cover. 2013-09-13_0004.jpg

Check out these pages! The print quality is unreal and the center seam is almost invincible! 2013-09-13_0005.jpg 2013-09-13_0006.jpg 2013-09-13_0007.jpg 2013-09-13_0008.jpg

And finally, I am in LOVE with the stamping option for text on the cover! I've seen covers that are laser-engraved before but the stamped "look" is definitely a factor that drove me to this company


Love love love love.

That is all.