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I have long wanted to photograph all of my girlfriends in one big crazy cluster simply for my own selfish reasons (I love them and thought it would be awesome). Of course, it's immensely difficult to get weather and people's schedules to line up perfectly so several of my beautiful friends were unable to make it but, alas, we made it work with those that could come. I typically reserve my blog posts for weddings and engagements (as they're my favorite thing to photograph and the main focus of my business) but it's impossible to photograph these beautiful women and not share it :)

Here goes:

Alora. My gorgeous, young (she's 18!) friend whom I've come to know and love since I met her 2 years ago when she agreed to second shoot a wedding with me. She's been my partner in photography-crime ever since.

2013-07-23_0001.jpg 2013-07-23_0002.jpg 2013-07-23_0003.jpg

Katie. We met in a church small group years ago and have enjoyed getting to know each other ever since. Katie's one of those girls who mails you a card just to say something encouraging. I'm a lucky lady to have her in my life.

2013-07-23_0004.jpg 2013-07-23_0005.jpg

Shelley. Shelley's older brother works with my husband. Little did I know my life would change for the better when I met her <3

2013-07-23_0006.jpg 2013-07-23_0007.jpg 2013-07-23_0008.jpg

Colette. First I met Shelley's older brother, Matt, then her other brother, Tom. Then Tom met Colette and my heart just keeps filling up with how awesome that is. I'm glad you married her, Tom :)

2013-07-23_0009.jpg 2013-07-23_0010.jpg

Kate. Shelley's brother, Matt, met Kate, married her and therefore added her into my life of awesome women. Love.

2013-07-23_0017.jpg 2013-07-23_0018.jpg

And the gorgeous sister-in-laws all together :)


Claire. Words aren't enough. Claire blows my mind with her true and honest friendship. There's a lot of love in my heart for her. Plus, she introduced me to my hubs <3 <3

2013-07-23_0012.jpg 2013-07-23_0013.jpg 2013-07-23_0014.jpg

Crazy girls.

2013-07-23_0029.jpg 2013-07-23_0030.jpg 2013-07-23_0031.jpg

Rebekah. Bekah and I go to the same church and her and her husband have come to mean a lot to Noel and I. Bekah is someone I can share my deepest "stuff" with and, not only can she relate, she radiates a lovely heart that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

2013-07-23_0032.jpg 2013-07-23_0033.jpg 2013-07-23_0034.jpg 2013-07-23_0035.jpg

Wendy. My sister. Wendy is incredible, resilient, beautiful and so much more. I love her more than words. Wend also brought out her daughters (my nieces), Bridget and Kelsey. I can't believe how grown up they are. My heart is full <3 <3 <3 2013-07-23_0021.jpg 2013-07-23_0022.jpg 2013-07-23_0019.jpg 2013-07-23_0020.jpg 2013-07-23_0023.jpg 2013-07-23_0024.jpg 2013-07-23_0025.jpg 2013-07-23_0026.jpg 2013-07-23_0027.jpg

My ladies <3

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