jacqueline and keith. married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had the great privilege of photographing Jacqueline and Keith's gorgeous wedding on Saturday! The dresses, the pink details, the gorgeous bouquet (one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, I think) and the STUNNING bride made for a great day and some lovely captures. Thanks, Jacqueline and Keith, for inviting me to be a part of your special day. I hope you and your friends and family enjoy checking out some of my favorite shots from the day <3 You can check out more of my wedding portfolio here! Drop me a message here if you're looking for a photographer for your own wedding!

2013-06-24_0001.jpg 2013-06-24_0002.jpg 2013-06-24_0003.jpg 2013-06-24_0004.jpg 2013-06-24_0005.jpg 2013-06-24_0006.jpg 2013-06-24_0007.jpg 2013-06-24_0008.jpg 2013-06-24_0009.jpg 2013-06-24_0010.jpg 2013-06-24_0011.jpg 2013-06-24_0012.jpg 2013-06-24_0013.jpg 2013-06-24_0014.jpg 2013-06-24_0015.jpg 2013-06-24_0016.jpg 2013-06-24_0017.jpg 2013-06-24_0018.jpg 2013-06-24_0019.jpg 2013-06-24_0020.jpg 2013-06-24_0021.jpg 2013-06-24_0022.jpg 2013-06-24_0023.jpg 2013-06-24_0024.jpg 2013-06-24_0025.jpg 2013-06-24_0026.jpg 2013-06-24_0027.jpg 2013-06-24_0028.jpg 2013-06-24_0029.jpg 2013-06-24_0030.jpg 2013-06-24_0031.jpg 2013-06-24_0032.jpg 2013-06-24_0033.jpg 2013-06-24_0034.jpg 2013-06-24_0035.jpg