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Things That Rock My World is a blog series I started doing to promote and raise awareness of individuals, businesses and/or products that, well, rock my world. As I plug away trying to keep growing in my own business I'm especially drawn to powerhouse business women - women who have dreamt, tackled and pursued a goal and never looked back. So, when I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Jenn from I was super-stoked to be able to capture the individual, business AND product all in one! I heard about Beautygram about two years ago after seeing an episode of Dragon's Den where Jenn pitched her product, a boxed gift of luxury beauty products that could be ordered online and hand-delivered (or mailed), to the Dragons. At the time I was trying to come up with something to gift my amazing brides and I immediately thought that this was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I started using Beautygram at the start of my 2013 wedding season and fell in love. I get to go online, hand pick the cutest, best-smelling, luxurious little spa-like items that I think my brides will like, type in a custom message for each bride and VOILA! It gets sent right to their door in the prettiest packaging!  Although I really like picking and choosing my items for my brides (my absolute favorite is the Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream - it smells like heaven) Beautygram also offers ADORABLE pre-made selections for baby gifts, Best Friends, bridal showers, and more. For realz, next time you're thinking about sending someone flowers you should definitely consider sending them a Beautygram!  And guess what?!!  Jenn sent me a discount code for all of my readers who want to send a beautygram to someone they love!  Type in AP2014 when you're checking out for 15% off!

I love the idea of photographing people as awesome as Jenn so I contacted her (I knew Beautygram was a Calgary-based company), chatted it up, and the rest is history. This lady is so fun and bright and I had a blast making a new friend. Have a peek at the video that started it all and then a peek into our time together and then really, go check out Beautygram, mmkay?

2014-07-16_0004.jpg 2014-07-16_0002.jpg 2014-07-16_0001.jpg 2014-07-16_0003.jpg 2014-07-16_0005.jpg 2014-07-16_0006.jpg 2014-07-16_0007.jpg

Have a look at just a few of the products Beautygram carries below (photos courtesy of Beautygram).


They recently partnered with Eliasz and Ella and are offering some select pieces that you can also put into your Beautygram box!



Well done, Jenn!  Your dream makes me want to dream, too!