christine and jeff. in love. edmonton photographers. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I'm always itching to shoot more weddings as winter drags on here in Edmonton so I was so happy that Christine, an old friend from high school, and her husband Jeff said they'd get dressed up for me so I could photograph them. Christine's family owns and runs Still Meadows Ranch east of the city which gave me the awesome chance to photograph Christine with her horses. Plus, it was snowing buckets and FREEZING outside so the arena gave us a bit of respite when our bodies turned to ice. I also received a new light from my husband for Christmas (Promaster Vari-Temp Camera/Camcorder LED light) and have been dying to play around with it! Although I'm used to using flashes on and off-camera at my weddings, I definitely crave natural light and will always tend to use it if it's available. This shoot gave me the chance to force myself out of my comfort zone, depend only on artificial light indoors, and push me into new areas of learning and growth!

Kudos to Christine and Jeff for letting me play, freezing their butts off, and looking at me when I asked them to in spite of ice flying in their eyes <3

Check out more of my actual wedding work here and shoot me a message if you're looking for someone to capture YOUR wedding!

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