christie and wes. married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I am so pleased to have been able to be a part of Christie and Wes' wedding a few weeks ago. This beautiful couple met through Track (Christie is a competitive hurdler who's raced internationally and is working towards competing in the Olympics and Wes is a Track coach) and fell swiftly in love. Their wedding was incredible - so full of tenderness, laughs, fun and a few tears. Watching couples like Christie and Wes commit their lives to one another is such a profound thing to witness and one of so many reasons why I love my job. Congrats, guys!

Check out a few of my favorite shots from our day together and hey, since you're here, feel free to check out more of my work here :)2014-10-07_00012014-10-07_00022014-10-07_00032014-10-07_00042014-10-07_00052014-10-07_00062014-10-07_00072014-10-07_00082014-10-07_00092014-10-07_00102014-10-07_00112014-10-07_00122014-10-07_00132014-10-07_00142014-10-07_00152014-10-07_00162014-10-07_00172014-10-07_00182014-10-07_00192014-10-07_00202014-10-07_00212014-10-07_00222014-10-07_00232014-10-07_00242014-10-07_00252014-10-07_00262014-10-07_00272014-10-07_00282014-10-07_00292014-10-07_00302014-10-07_00312014-10-07_00322014-10-07_00332014-10-07_00342014-10-07_00352014-10-07_00362014-10-07_00372014-10-07_00382014-10-07_00392014-10-07_00402014-10-07_00412014-10-07_00422014-10-07_0043