lana and jeff. married. wedding photographers edmonton. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had such an incredible time photographing Lana and Jeff's wedding a few weeks ago! We started off at Lana's apartment to capture her and her bridesmaids getting ready and then headed off to the Royal Glenora where Lana was getting into her dress and for the ceremony. We knew the World Triathalon was taking place that weekend and specifically, that the biking course ran right by the Royal Glenora but we had the understanding that they'd at least let the wedding party through to get ready.... Not the case! Although Lana was graciously escorted across the race course courtesy of one of our city's finest - the rest of us, bridal party, photographers and guests included weren't allowed to cross!! It was crazy! Thankfully, we were all in pretty awesome spirits, watched some bikers race by, and were able to get through with a bit of time to spare :) The sunshine, this beautiful couple's love for each other and an awesome bridal party made this day incredible. Have a look at just a few of my favorite shots from Lana and Jeff's special day.

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