tina and tyrel got married. second shooting for christine wills photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I LOVE changing it up and second shooting for other amazing photographers when I get the chance so I was stoked when I was able to shoot for Christine Wills Photography at the Enjoy Centre back in early March. Check out a few of my favorite shots from the day! You can also check out more of my work here and here (might as well since you're here already, right?) :) In the market for your own photographer and think I could be the perfect fit to capture YOUR love? Shoot me an email here and let's chat!

2014-04-10_0038.jpg 2014-04-10_0039.jpg 2014-04-10_0040.jpg 2014-04-10_0041.jpg 2014-04-10_0042.jpg 2014-04-10_0043.jpg 2014-04-10_0044.jpg 2014-04-10_0045.jpg 2014-04-10_0046.jpg 2014-04-10_0047.jpg 2014-04-10_0048.jpg 2014-04-10_0049.jpg 2014-04-10_0050.jpg 2014-04-10_0051.jpg 2014-04-10_0052.jpg 2014-04-10_0053.jpg 2014-04-10_0054.jpg 2014-04-10_0055.jpg 2014-04-10_0056.jpg

2014-04-10_0058.jpg 2014-04-11_0001.jpg 2014-04-11_0002.jpg 2014-04-11_0003.jpg 2014-04-11_0004.jpg 2014-04-11_0005.jpg 2014-04-11_0006.jpg 2014-04-11_0007.jpg 2014-04-11_0008.jpg 2014-04-11_0009.jpg 2014-04-11_0010.jpg 2014-04-11_0011.jpg 2014-04-11_0012.jpg 2014-04-11_0013.jpg 2014-04-11_0014.jpg 2014-04-11_0015.jpg 2014-04-11_0016.jpg 2014-04-11_0017.jpg 2014-04-11_0018.jpg