cc and dylan. married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had the great privilege of photographing another beautiful couple last week. CC and Dylan chose to have their wedding on Wednesday, April 2 to commemorate (and keep) the anniversary of when they first became a couple (actually an awesome idea, eh?). With the help of Sweet Bliss Weddings, an Edmonton wedding planner, they had a gorgeous wedding to complement their ever-growing love. Loved it. Have a look at a few of my favorite shots from my time with CC and Dylan. In the market for your own wedding photographer? Check out more of my wedding work here and feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to chat! 2014-04-10_0001.jpg 2014-04-10_0002.jpg 2014-04-10_0003.jpg 2014-04-10_0004.jpg 2014-04-10_0005.jpg 2014-04-10_0006.jpg 2014-04-10_0007.jpg 2014-04-10_0008.jpg 2014-04-10_0009.jpg 2014-04-10_0010.jpg 2014-04-10_0011.jpg 2014-04-10_0012.jpg 2014-04-10_0013.jpg 2014-04-10_0014.jpg 2014-04-10_0015.jpg 2014-04-10_0016.jpg 2014-04-10_0017.jpg 2014-04-10_0018.jpg 2014-04-10_0019.jpg 2014-04-10_0020.jpg 2014-04-10_0021.jpg 2014-04-10_0022.jpg 2014-04-10_0023.jpg 2014-04-10_0024.jpg 2014-04-10_0025.jpg 2014-04-10_0026.jpg 2014-04-10_0027.jpg 2014-04-10_0028.jpg 2014-04-10_0029.jpg 2014-04-10_0030.jpg 2014-04-10_0031.jpg 2014-04-10_0032.jpg 2014-04-10_0033.jpg 2014-04-10_0034.jpg 2014-04-10_0035.jpg 2014-04-10_0036.jpg 2014-04-10_0037.jpg