salisbury greenhouse weddings | claudia and dane. styled bridals. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

Every once in a while when I know I'm going to have a week or two off from shooting a real wedding I get excited about collaborating with other professionals in the wedding industry for special projects. This summer I met up with Arlene from Accentuate Weddings to do just that! Accentuate Weddings is an incredible vendor offering wedding decor rentals (chair covers, linens, drapery, table setups - you name it!) as well as recently adding floral arrangements to the mix! Accentuate even provided the linens for my own wedding! For this shoot, Arlene styled a breathtaking tablescape with gorgeous details. Seriously, guys, she's good at this so you should definitely check her out. We also collaborated with Riti from Makeup By Riti for Claudia's stunning wedding makeup. Riti's also done another of my recent real weddings which you can see here :) Back to the shoot: Good ol' Edmonton weather was even MORE unpredictable that we anticipated - We ended up having to reschedule twice due to crazy wind and pouring rain! When our third date ended up looking about the same we decided to make it happen regardless! Salisbury Greenhouse was incredible at accomodating us and provided a beautiful space for us to shoot in. Claudia and Dane graciously agreed to model for us (and yah, I'm friggin' happy they did...What a GORGEOUS couple!!) and the rest is history!

Check out Accentuate Weddings, Salisbury Greenhouse and Makeup By Riti.

CHECK THIS OUT: Accentuate Weddings and I worked a bit of a promotion for our 2014 bridal couples: If you book both Accentuate Weddings for your decor AND Aeris Photography for your wedding photography you will receive 15% off of BOTH of your bookings! 15% off your decor rental from Accentuate Weddings AND 15% off your wedding package with Aeris Photography! So, if you already know you want me to photograph your wedding this is a pretty awesome deal for your dream decor ;)

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