tips for photographers. edmonton wedding photography / by Cheryl Lukasewich

Are you one of those people who loves seeing before/after shots? I totally am. I LOVE seeing how some of my favorite photographers get their shot SOOC (straight out of camera) and what their final image ends up looking like. Once you've got shooting down, a photographer's editing is the other half of the equation; the other half of what summarizes their style and makes them unique. It took me a few years to discover what kind of editing I seemed to lean towards so it'll probably take you a while too. Once you figure it out it is SO FUN (as you can start to envision how your own personal tweaking will lend itself to your image as soon as you shoot it) and SO LIBERATING (as you no longer feel like you need to replicate every style out there)! I'm pretty comfortable now in my shooting and editing. Yes, I LOVE learning and growing and will never stop but still, it's fun having my own personal style of creating images. Have a look at a few of my own before/after shots! 2013-04-14_0001.jpg 2013-04-14_0002.jpg 2013-04-14_0003.jpg 2013-04-14_0004.jpg 2013-04-14_0005.jpg 2013-04-14_0006.jpg

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