glam sessions by aeris photography. edmonton glam photographer. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I am beyond excited to now offer glam sessions as part of my services! What's the difference between glam and boudoir? Well, I really really want to offer beautiful photos to every woman and I feel that the term "boudoir" carries with it the "clothes off" implication. Glam can be anything! Whether you want to look soft and sensual, a little more risque (great gift idea for your anniversary ;) ), or simply stunning (a great gift for yourself!)- Glam is for you! Due to the fact that Glam can be sensual in nature I want to put it out there that I understand the importance of discretion. The few images shown in this post are shown with full permission and, at my own discretion, aren't anything I wouldn't feel confident showing my grandparents :) I do have more images available for viewing upon request.

Contact me if you want to go glam!

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