janelle and taylor got married. second shooting with erin walker photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I love having the opportunity to second shoot a wedding every once in a while. Erin is a good friend of mine and I always enjoy working with her so I was super-stoked to be able to shoot alongside her at a recent wedding. Check out some of my shots from the day and definitely go check out Erin Walker Photography as well <3 Since you're here you should check out more of my wedding portfolio here and then shoot me an email if you're looking for your own wedding photographer! 2013-08-14_0033.jpg 2013-08-14_0034.jpg 2013-08-14_0035.jpg 2013-08-14_0036.jpg 2013-08-14_0037.jpg 2013-08-14_0038.jpg 2013-08-14_0039.jpg 2013-08-14_0040.jpg 2013-08-14_0041.jpg 2013-08-14_0042.jpg 2013-08-14_0043.jpg 2013-08-14_0044.jpg 2013-08-14_0045.jpg 2013-08-14_0046.jpg 2013-08-14_0047.jpg 2013-08-14_0048.jpg 2013-08-14_0049.jpg 2013-08-14_0050.jpg 2013-08-14_0051.jpg 2013-08-14_0052.jpg