connie and billy. married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

It's pretty cool when former coworkers think of me for their wedding photography and such was the case with Connie. She's an incredibly supportive photography client (having hired me for her family photos previously as well). When she met Billy, it was meant to be, and they pulled off a lovely, intimate wedding with some friends and family (check out her adorable children, Sammie and Charlie!).2013-04-05_0187.jpg 2013-04-05_0188.jpg 2013-04-05_0189.jpg 2013-04-05_0190.jpg 2013-04-05_0191.jpg 2013-04-05_0192.jpg 2013-04-05_0193.jpg 2013-04-05_0194.jpg 2013-04-05_0195.jpg 2013-04-05_0196.jpg 2013-04-05_0197.jpg 2013-04-05_0198.jpg 2013-04-05_0199.jpg 2013-04-05_0200.jpg 2013-04-05_0201.jpg 2013-04-05_0202.jpg 2013-04-05_0203.jpg 2013-04-05_0204.jpg 2013-04-05_0205.jpg