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erin and martijn. engaged. edmonton engagement photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I was pretty stoked when Erin messaged me last year about photographing her 2014 wedding to her sweet Love, Martijn. I know Erin from when I was her junior counselor at a camp about 15 years ago as well as from her sister being a bestie of my cousin (and one of her bridesmaids [see pics here]; I just LOVE when the world seems so small that way, you know??!). Erin and Martijn chose Hawrelak park for their engagement photos which ended up being the perfect choice for this chilly winter session. Have a look at a few of my favorites from our time together as well as more from my wedding portfolio here. Feel free to shoot me an email if you're getting married this year and think I might be a good fit as your photographer!2014-02-05_0001.jpg 2014-02-05_0002.jpg 2014-02-05_0003.jpg 2014-02-05_0004.jpg 2014-02-05_0005.jpg 2014-02-05_0006.jpg 2014-02-05_0007.jpg 2014-02-05_0008.jpg 2014-02-05_0009.jpg 2014-02-05_0010.jpg 2014-02-05_0011.jpg 2014-02-05_0012.jpg 2014-02-05_0013.jpg 2014-02-05_0014.jpg 2014-02-05_0015.jpg 2014-02-05_0016.jpg 2014-02-05_0017.jpg 2014-02-05_0018.jpg 2014-02-05_0019.jpg

susy and chris. engaged. edmonton engagement photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I was so happy when Susy and Chris contacted me earlier this year about photographing their wedding in 2014. I photographed them once before after they had their sweet little son as well as photographing Susy's sister's wedding several years ago. This family has been so incredibly supportive of me in my crazy business venture (THANK YOU!!). Have a look at some of my favorite shots from Susy and Chris' engagement session this fall. Can't wait for their wedding next July!! 2013-11-25_0001.jpg 2013-11-25_0002.jpg 2013-11-25_0003.jpg 2013-11-25_0004.jpg 2013-11-25_0005.jpg 2013-11-25_0006.jpg 2013-11-25_0007.jpg 2013-11-25_0008.jpg 2013-11-25_0009.jpg 2013-11-25_0010.jpg 2013-11-25_0011.jpg 2013-11-25_0012.jpg 2013-11-25_0013.jpg 2013-11-25_0014.jpg 2013-11-25_0015.jpg 2013-11-25_0016.jpg 2013-11-25_0017.jpg 2013-11-25_0018.jpg 2013-11-25_0019.jpg 2013-11-25_0020.jpg 2013-11-25_0021.jpg 2013-11-25_0022.jpg 2013-11-25_0023.jpg 2013-11-25_0024.jpg 2013-11-25_0025.jpg 2013-11-25_0026.jpg

And here's a few of their family all together <3

2013-11-25_0027.jpg 2013-11-25_0028.jpg

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velvet and pete. in love. edmonton couples photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

A few months ago I received a facebook message on my Aeris page from a local woman, Kerry, who had a few questions about photography and photo editing. I noticed (via facebook creeping) that we happened to know a lot of the same people which, along with talking about photography, opened up other avenues of conversation. Kerry has a start-up story similar to mine (she started learning photography due to the intense desire to have a hobby) and I found that a lot of her questions were quite similar to the questions I had a few years ago. Now I by no means claim to be a master of photography (maybe when I'm 90?  I love to think I'll keep learning and growing for the rest of my life!) but I was more than happy to meet up and chat/get to know her/swap stories/etc. We ended up setting up a time to meet and photograph together. Kerry found a beautiful couple, Velvet and Pete, to model for us and we spend some time chatting, posing and photographing their love. Thanks, Velvet and Pete!!!

**Shout out time: Velvet is an Arbonne consultant in Sherwood Park and Edmonton. I'm an absolute convert to their anti-aging skin care line (seriously, after using it for a few weeks I had 3 people tell me my skin looked "radiant" and "glowy") so feel free to contact Velvet to set up your own Arbonne party at velvetg@telus.net :)

Here's a look at some of my favorite shots from our time together!  Check out more of my couples photography in my engagement and wedding posts! 2013-11-22_0001.jpg 2013-11-22_0002.jpg 2013-11-22_0004.jpg 2013-11-22_0005.jpg 2013-11-22_0006.jpg 2013-11-22_0007.jpg 2013-11-22_0008.jpg 2013-11-22_0009.jpg 2013-11-22_0010.jpg 2013-11-22_0011.jpg 2013-11-22_0012.jpg 2013-11-22_0013.jpg 2013-11-22_0014.jpg 2013-11-22_0015.jpg 2013-11-22_0016.jpg 2013-11-22_0017.jpg 2013-11-22_0018.jpg 2013-11-22_0019.jpg

south edmonton engagement | ashley and brad. engaged. edmonton engagement photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

Ashley and Brad are the sweetest.  Their recent engagement session was complete with pinterest-worthy outfits, a cute and cozy blanket, a sweet-as-can-be dog and, the best part - themselves!  I even got a hug at the end of our time together <3  I can't wait to shoot their wedding next October! Check out some of my favorite shots of this gorgeous couple!  If you're in the market for your own photographer check out more of my work here then feel free to shoot me an email!2013-10-30_0001.jpg

2013-10-30_0002.jpg 2013-10-30_0003.jpg 2013-10-30_0004.jpg 2013-10-30_0005.jpg 2013-10-30_0006.jpg 2013-10-30_0007.jpg 2013-10-30_0008.jpg 2013-10-30_0009.jpg 2013-10-30_0010.jpg 2013-10-30_0011.jpg 2013-10-30_0012.jpg 2013-10-30_0013.jpg 2013-10-30_0014.jpg 2013-10-30_0015.jpg 2013-10-30_0016.jpg 2013-10-30_0017.jpg 2013-10-30_0018.jpg 2013-10-30_0019.jpg 2013-10-30_0020.jpg 2013-10-30_0021.jpg 2013-10-30_0022.jpg 2013-10-30_0023.jpg

penny and tony. engaged. edmonton engagement photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I met Penny through my dear cousin, Lisa, and couldn't help but instantly love her bubbly personality. Penny and her fiance, Tony, seem to LOVE to laugh which always makes my job way more fun. I can't wait to ring in the New Year photographing their wedding!! Have a look at some of my favorite photos from their engagement session! Feel free to contact me here, too, if you're engaged and looking for a photographer!

2013-06-05_0001.jpg 2013-06-05_0002.jpg 2013-06-05_0003.jpg 2013-06-05_0004.jpg 2013-06-05_0005.jpg 2013-06-05_0006.jpg 2013-06-05_0007.jpg 2013-06-05_0008.jpg 2013-06-05_0009.jpg