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heather and eric got married. a fairmont lake louise wedding. second shooting for christina louise photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I've had some incredible opportunities this past year to travel to photograph weddings (Check out my Ontario wedding here and the wedding I second shot in the Dominican here!) and when Christina Louise Photography asked me to second shoot for her for a Fairmont Lake Louise wedding I jumped on it! Not only is it awesome photographing alongside an awesome friend but a chance to shoot a wedding in the mountains is too amazing!! Eric and Heather and their entire wedding party were incredibly friendly and so fun - Such a FANTASTIC day!!

Have a look at some of my favorite images I captured down in the Rockies below! You can check out more of my wedding work here and shoot me an email here if you're looking for your own wedding photographer! 2015-02-17_0001.jpg 2015-02-17_0002.jpg 2015-02-17_0003.jpg 2015-02-17_0004.jpg 2015-02-17_0005.jpg 2015-02-17_0006.jpg 2015-02-17_0007.jpg 2015-02-17_0008.jpg 2015-02-17_0009.jpg 2015-02-17_0010.jpg 2015-02-17_0011.jpg 2015-02-17_0012.jpg 2015-02-17_0013.jpg 2015-02-17_0014.jpg 2015-02-17_0015.jpg 2015-02-17_0016.jpg 2015-02-17_0017.jpg 2015-02-17_0018.jpg 2015-02-17_0019.jpg 2015-02-17_0020.jpg 2015-02-17_0021.jpg 2015-02-17_0022.jpg 2015-02-17_0023.jpg 2015-02-17_0024.jpg 2015-02-17_0025.jpg 2015-02-17_0026.jpg 2015-02-17_0027.jpg 2015-02-17_0028.jpg 2015-02-17_0029.jpg 2015-02-17_0030.jpg 2015-02-17_0031.jpg 2015-02-17_0032.jpg 2015-02-17_0033.jpg 2015-02-17_0034.jpg 2015-02-17_0035.jpg 2015-02-17_0036.jpg 2015-02-17_0037.jpg 2015-02-17_0038.jpg 2015-02-17_0039.jpg 2015-02-17_0040.jpg 2015-02-17_0041.jpg 2015-02-17_0042.jpg 2015-02-17_0043.jpg 2015-02-17_0044.jpg 2015-02-17_0045.jpg 2015-02-17_0046.jpg 2015-02-17_0049.jpg 2015-02-17_0050.jpg 2015-02-17_0051.jpg 2015-02-17_0052.jpg 2015-02-17_0053.jpg 2015-02-17_0054.jpg 2015-02-17_0055.jpg 2015-02-17_0056.jpg 2015-02-17_0057.jpg 2015-02-17_0058.jpg 2015-02-17_0059.jpg 2015-02-17_0060.jpg 2015-02-17_0061.jpg

bryanna and kory got married. second shooting for starseed photography. edmonton destination wedding photography in the dominican republic. by Cheryl Lukasewich

I was THRILLED to be able to second shoot for my awesome photografriend, Sarah from Starseed Photography, when she asked me to join her for a wedding in the Dominican Republic! What an incredible opportunity!!! Bryanna, Kory and all of their friends and family were so warm and welcoming during the week we spent in Punta Cana and the weather was unbelievable (albeit INSANELY hot on the actual wedding day...this group was a bunch of troopers!). I can't say it enough: I love my job.

Check out some of my favorite shots from the day and be sure to head on over to Starseed Photography to check out her awesomeness as well <3

You can check out more of my wedding work here and if you're in the market for your own wedding photographer shoot me an email and we can chat!

*Edmonton Destination Wedding Photography in the Dominican Republic

2014-12-18_0001.jpg 2014-12-18_0002.jpg 2014-12-18_0003.jpg 2014-12-18_0004.jpg 2014-12-18_0005.jpg 2014-12-18_0006.jpg 2014-12-18_0007.jpg 2014-12-18_0008.jpg 2014-12-18_0009.jpg 2014-12-18_0010.jpg 2014-12-18_0011.jpg 2014-12-18_0012.jpg 2014-12-18_0013.jpg 2014-12-18_0014.jpg 2014-12-18_0015.jpg 2014-12-18_0016.jpg 2014-12-18_0017.jpg 2014-12-18_0018.jpg 2014-12-18_0019.jpg 2014-12-18_0020.jpg 2014-12-18_0021.jpg 2014-12-18_0022.jpg 2014-12-18_0023.jpg 2014-12-18_0024.jpg 2014-12-18_0025.jpg 2014-12-18_0026.jpg 2014-12-18_0027.jpg 2014-12-18_0028.jpg 2014-12-18_0029.jpg 2014-12-18_0030.jpg 2014-12-18_0031.jpg 2014-12-18_0032.jpg

angela and ken. married. destination wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

Ok. This one is a wee bit more personal than a lot of my previous weddings. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph my uncle as he married the love of his life, Angela. He has been waiting, patiently, for someone to share his life with and he found her. Amazing. Ken, my dad's youngest brother, has been close to my immediate family for as long as I can remember. Birthdays, holidays, random get-togethers - He's made it a priority to be with our family to celebrate so many things. Currently an audio-visual mastermind who writes, produces, lights and edits movies, tv shows, commercials and educational videos (the list goes on - check out his site here), Ken also used to work a bit more in photography. When I bought my first camera he was thrilled! He has encouraged me and challenged me. He even gave me my first paid gig before I had any clue what I was doing (I believe the image ended up on a billboard in Grande Prairie??)! So, yes, I was honored on many levels when he asked me to photograph such an incredible moment in his life. I flew out to Ontario (SO BEAUTIFUL!!) to a little town called Belleville and had an incredible time celebrating LOVE!

Ken, I love you. Angela, I love you, too. Welcome to our crazy family.

Have a peek at a few of my favorites from our time together and, if since you're here already, check out more of my work here. Shoot me an email if you're looking for someone to photograph YOUR love!

2014-08-06_0001.jpg 2014-08-06_0002.jpg

2014-08-06_0004.jpg 2014-08-06_0005.jpg 2014-08-06_0006.jpg 2014-08-06_0007.jpg 2014-08-06_0008.jpg 2014-08-06_0009.jpg 2014-08-06_0010.jpg 2014-08-06_0011.jpg 2014-08-06_0012.jpg 2014-08-06_0013.jpg 2014-08-06_0014.jpg 2014-08-06_0015.jpg 2014-08-06_0016.jpg 2014-08-06_0017.jpg 2014-08-06_0018.jpg 2014-08-06_0019.jpg 2014-08-06_0020.jpg 2014-08-06_0021.jpg 2014-08-06_0022.jpg 2014-08-06_0023.jpg 2014-08-06_0024.jpg 2014-08-06_0025.jpg 2014-08-06_0026.jpg 2014-08-06_0027.jpg 2014-08-06_0028.jpg 2014-08-06_0029.jpg 2014-08-06_0030.jpg 2014-08-06_0031.jpg 2014-08-06_0032.jpg 2014-08-06_0033.jpg

rebekah and kerran. styled bridals in mexico. edmonton destination wedding photography. by Cheryl Lukasewich

My husband and I got to meet up with our friends this past March when both of our trips to Puerta Vallarta overlapped for a few days. Rebekah was an absolute gem and had excitingly agreed to bring down her wedding dress so that I can take some destination bridals with her and Kerran. They didn't hesitate (well, Rebekah didn't hesitate lol) to jump in the ocean and roll around in the sand to get some fun shots. Their hotel was a bit unsure of us visiting to take photos so we had about 25 minutes to get it done! Thanks, Rebekah and Kerran, for your trooper attitudes :) 2013-04-05_0010.jpg 2013-04-05_0011.jpg 2013-04-05_0012.jpg 2013-04-05_0013.jpg 2013-04-05_0014.jpg 2013-04-05_0015.jpg 2013-04-05_0016.jpg 2013-04-05_0017.jpg 2013-04-05_0018.jpg 2013-04-05_0019.jpg 2013-04-05_0020.jpg 2013-04-05_0021.jpg 2013-04-05_0022.jpg

2013-04-05_0024.jpg 2013-04-05_0025.jpg 2013-04-05_0026.jpg 2013-04-05_0027.jpg 2013-04-05_0028.jpg 2013-04-05_0029.jpg 2013-04-05_0030.jpg 2013-04-05_0031.jpg