heather and eric got married. a fairmont lake louise wedding. second shooting for christina louise photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I've had some incredible opportunities this past year to travel to photograph weddings (Check out my Ontario wedding here and the wedding I second shot in the Dominican here!) and when Christina Louise Photography asked me to second shoot for her for a Fairmont Lake Louise wedding I jumped on it! Not only is it awesome photographing alongside an awesome friend but a chance to shoot a wedding in the mountains is too amazing!! Eric and Heather and their entire wedding party were incredibly friendly and so fun - Such a FANTASTIC day!!

Have a look at some of my favorite images I captured down in the Rockies below! You can check out more of my wedding work here and shoot me an email here if you're looking for your own wedding photographer! 2015-02-17_0001.jpg 2015-02-17_0002.jpg 2015-02-17_0003.jpg 2015-02-17_0004.jpg 2015-02-17_0005.jpg 2015-02-17_0006.jpg 2015-02-17_0007.jpg 2015-02-17_0008.jpg 2015-02-17_0009.jpg 2015-02-17_0010.jpg 2015-02-17_0011.jpg 2015-02-17_0012.jpg 2015-02-17_0013.jpg 2015-02-17_0014.jpg 2015-02-17_0015.jpg 2015-02-17_0016.jpg 2015-02-17_0017.jpg 2015-02-17_0018.jpg 2015-02-17_0019.jpg 2015-02-17_0020.jpg 2015-02-17_0021.jpg 2015-02-17_0022.jpg 2015-02-17_0023.jpg 2015-02-17_0024.jpg 2015-02-17_0025.jpg 2015-02-17_0026.jpg 2015-02-17_0027.jpg 2015-02-17_0028.jpg 2015-02-17_0029.jpg 2015-02-17_0030.jpg 2015-02-17_0031.jpg 2015-02-17_0032.jpg 2015-02-17_0033.jpg 2015-02-17_0034.jpg 2015-02-17_0035.jpg 2015-02-17_0036.jpg 2015-02-17_0037.jpg 2015-02-17_0038.jpg 2015-02-17_0039.jpg 2015-02-17_0040.jpg 2015-02-17_0041.jpg 2015-02-17_0042.jpg 2015-02-17_0043.jpg 2015-02-17_0044.jpg 2015-02-17_0045.jpg 2015-02-17_0046.jpg 2015-02-17_0049.jpg 2015-02-17_0050.jpg 2015-02-17_0051.jpg 2015-02-17_0052.jpg 2015-02-17_0053.jpg 2015-02-17_0054.jpg 2015-02-17_0055.jpg 2015-02-17_0056.jpg 2015-02-17_0057.jpg 2015-02-17_0058.jpg 2015-02-17_0059.jpg 2015-02-17_0060.jpg 2015-02-17_0061.jpg