amanda and trevor got married. second shooting for jamie forth photography. wetaskawin wedding photographers. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had an awesome opportunity earlier last summer to assist the lovely Jamie Forth Photography over in Wetaskawin. Be sure to head over to see Jamie's work and have a look below at some of my favorite shots from that beautiful day! You can check out more of my wedding work here. Feel free to shoot me an email if you're looking for someone to capture your own wedding! 2015-01-15_0001.jpg 2015-01-15_0002.jpg 2015-01-15_0003.jpg 2015-01-15_0004.jpg 2015-01-15_0005.jpg 2015-01-15_0006.jpg 2015-01-15_0007.jpg 2015-01-15_0008.jpg 2015-01-15_0009.jpg 2015-01-15_0010.jpg 2015-01-15_0011.jpg 2015-01-15_0012.jpg 2015-01-15_0013.jpg 2015-01-15_0014.jpg 2015-01-15_0015.jpg 2015-01-15_0016.jpg 2015-01-15_0017.jpg 2015-01-15_0018.jpg 2015-01-15_0019.jpg