pamela and dustin. married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

There are a lot of things that I want to say about how special Pam and Dustin's wedding was. Not only were they surrounded by their friends, family and a community that clearly loves and supports them but some of the details of the day blew me away and had me holding back tears. Pamela and Dustin's son, for one, who couldn't stay far from them at any given time. He marched right up onto that stage to be beside his mom and dad while they got married (until he fell asleep and Grandpa had to come get him - SO CUTE!!). Then after one of the final blessings at the end of mass, Pamela's grandmother started singing - a jaw-dropping, hauntingly gorgeous song in their native language. The crowd's voices slowly chimed in and the basilica was filled with the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. Again, deep breaths in order to keep my eyes dry. Later, during the reception, I had the incredibly tender privilege of capturing the couple as they watched their slideshow - a slideshow that ended honoring Pamela's Dad who had passed away. The crowd smiled, laughed and cried together - It was beautiful. Pamela had really thought a lot about her dad when planning this day and it was so evident, special and full of honor and love. She incorporated a locket with her Dad's photo into her bouquet and gave me the privilege of photographing it alongside the ring that her Mother had been given when she married her Dad. These are the things that change each wedding for me - not the exact items necessarily but what they mean and the love that comes with them that gets integrated with a couple starting a new chapter of their lives together. It's so special and it's not lost on me how much of a unique privilege my job is. Thanks, Pamela and Dustin, for sharing your love. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from Pamela and Dustin's incredible day.  Feel free to check out more of my wedding work here and shoot me a message if you're looking for someone to capture your own love <3

Props to Sweet Bliss Weddings who did a killer job with the wedding planning and to Fabloomosity for the gorgeous florals.

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