penny and tony got married. a hotel macdonald wedding. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had the privilege of photographing Penny and Tony this past New Year's Eve and it was awesome! When I had iniitally met with Penny she told me "There's going to be A LOT of Irish people (aka Tony's family) there so it's going to be a realllly good party!" which indeed it was. Penny was stunning and incredibly calm; no frantic worrying or anything like that - just pure excitement and a readiness to marry her Love. Lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of dancing - the day went off without a hitch. This is the first wedding where I had almost no natural light for 90% of the day and where 99% of the day was indoors (I did pull them out into the freezing cold around 11 pm for a few quick shots). If you've followed my work before you know that the majority of what I do takes place outdoors with tons of natural light which obviously isn't an option in the middle of the winter/when the sun is already set. Β Thankfully, I was up for the challenge of incorporating some new flash techniques and, with the help of my incredible second shooter/assistant extraordinaire (Alora from Alora Marie Photography) we rocked it out!

Have a look at just a few of my favorite shots from this awesome New Year's Eve wedding and then, since you're here already, check out more of my weddings here!

I still have availability for 2014 if you're looking for a photographer for your own wedding so feel free to contact me here and we can chat!

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