the matrix wedding | rachel and connor got married. edmonton wedding photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I had a blast photographing Rachel and Connor's wedding on Saturday. Hands down, they were one of the most positive, kind, encouraging couples I've ever photographed. They kept their spirits up after hours in the hot sun and truly enjoyed their entire wedding day. I LOVE to see a bride and groom relaxed and happy, thrilled to simply be beside their Person. It's fantastic. So thanks, Rachel and Connor, for being truly beautiful, inside and out <3 If you're in the market for a photographer for your own wedding check out more of my work here! Then head on over to my contact page to shoot me a message :) 2013-08-13_0001.jpg 2013-08-13_0002.jpg 2013-08-13_0003.jpg 2013-08-13_0004.jpg 2013-08-13_0005.jpg 2013-08-13_0006.jpg 2013-08-13_0007.jpg 2013-08-13_0008.jpg 2013-08-13_0009.jpg 2013-08-13_0010.jpg 2013-08-13_0011.jpg 2013-08-13_0012.jpg 2013-08-13_0013.jpg 2013-08-13_0014.jpg 2013-08-13_0015.jpg 2013-08-13_0016.jpg 2013-08-13_0017.jpg 2013-08-13_0018.jpg 2013-08-13_0019.jpg 2013-08-13_0020.jpg 2013-08-13_0021.jpg 2013-08-13_0022.jpg 2013-08-13_0023.jpg 2013-08-13_0024.jpg 2013-08-13_0025.jpg 2013-08-13_0026.jpg 2013-08-13_0027.jpg 2013-08-13_0028.jpg 2013-08-13_0029.jpg 2013-08-13_0030.jpg 2013-08-13_0031.jpg 2013-08-13_0032.jpg 2013-08-13_0033.jpg 2013-08-13_0034.jpg 2013-08-13_0035.jpg 2013-08-13_0036.jpg 2013-08-13_0037.jpg 2013-08-13_0038.jpg 2013-08-13_0039.jpg 2013-08-13_0040.jpg 2013-08-13_0041.jpg 2013-08-13_0042.jpg 2013-08-13_0043.jpg 2013-08-13_0044.jpg 2013-08-13_0045.jpg 2013-08-13_0046.jpg 2013-08-13_0047.jpg 2013-08-13_0048.jpg