winnie and geoff got married. second shooting for miranda wensel photography. / by Cheryl Lukasewich

I love having the opportunity to second shoot a wedding every once in a while and I was stoked to be able to shoot alongside Miranda Wensel Photography at a recent wedding. Check out some of my favorite shots from the day! Since you’re here you should check out more of my wedding portfolio here and then shoot me an email if you’re looking for your own wedding photographer! 2013-08-14_0053.jpg 2013-08-14_0054.jpg 2013-08-14_0055.jpg 2013-08-14_0056.jpg 2013-08-14_0057.jpg 2013-08-14_0058.jpg 2013-08-14_0059.jpg 2013-08-14_0060.jpg 2013-08-14_0061.jpg 2013-08-14_0062.jpg 2013-08-14_0063.jpg 2013-08-14_0064.jpg 2013-08-14_0065.jpg 2013-08-14_0066.jpg 2013-08-14_0067.jpg 2013-08-14_0068.jpg 2013-08-14_0069.jpg 2013-08-14_0070.jpg 2013-08-14_0071.jpg 2013-08-14_0072.jpg 2013-08-14_0073.jpg 2013-08-14_0074.jpg 2013-08-14_0075.jpg 2013-08-14_0076.jpg 2013-08-14_0077.jpg 2013-08-14_0078.jpg 2013-08-14_0079.jpg 2013-08-14_0080.jpg 2013-08-14_0081.jpg 2013-08-14_0082.jpg 2013-08-14_0083.jpg 2013-08-14_0084.jpg 2013-08-14_0085.jpg 2013-08-14_0086.jpg 2013-08-14_0087.jpg 2013-08-14_0088.jpg 2013-08-14_0089.jpg 2013-08-14_0090.jpg 2013-08-14_0091.jpg 2013-08-14_0092.jpg 2013-08-14_0093.jpg 2013-08-14_0094.jpg 2013-08-14_0095.jpg 2013-08-14_0096.jpg